Leading the studio is María Orbea, an architect by vocation and deeply passionate about this profession since childhood, has carried her love for architecture throughout her entire career. Originally from Bilbao, she graduated with honors with a diploma in architecture from Westminster University, London. Since then, she has lived and worked in Andalusia for over twenty years, blending her love for architecture with the region's cultural richness and charm.

With a unique approach, María combines Andalusian tradition with innovation in each of her designs. Her profound love for Andalusia and its rich cultural history is reflected in her architectural creations, capturing the essence and beauty of the region while introducing innovative and contemporary concepts.

As the leader of the Orbea Arquitectos team, María channels her creative vision and solid project management experience to deliver exceptional results. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that each space created by her studio is a testament to her dedication and passion for architecture.

We invite you to discover how Orbea Arquitectos can turn your architectural dreams into reality, blending Andalusian tradition with innovation in every design!